Sean K. Cureton


All articles on this site are written by myself, Sean K. Cureton, and provide for criticism and reflection on the films that I see in the theatre and in my spare time on a regular basis. While I may not see everything that comes out in theaters, I do try to see some of the most anticipated and popular films that are released. I currently hold a B.A. in English, with a Minor in Cinema Studies, from Rutgers University. On a weekly basis on this blog, I provide my own critiques and analyses of the films that have been released theatrically, are available to stream on Netflix, or hold especial significance to me personally. Please feel free to engage with any of the entries that you see on this site through the comment section with your own critique and thoughts, and if you have any movies you would like to see a review of, new or old, please feel free to ask me about them on Twitter, where you can follow me @seankcureton. Thank you for reading.


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